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Chapter five Evolutions
by Rosie Eade

Jim, Rosie, Steve M, Gary, Steve W, Mark
The Alma, 02-04-2005

2005 found Hedgepig in a constantly evolving state as Gary Cates left the band in April and Jim Gair also left, though thankfully only temporarily. There was a lively farewell gig at The Alma, leaving Steve W, Mark and Rosie to carry the Hedgepig torch as a trio. This turned into a fine time to search out new songs/tunes and develop more intricate arrangements.

Hedgepig, The Earl of Beaconsfield, 22-01-2005
Steve W, Rosie, Mark

Deciding that rock should not be left out of the Hedgepig genre, drummer/percussionist and bassist wanted posters were put up all over Cambridge in the hope of a similar success to the ads in 2001 for female singer. Stephen Borrill was tried out for a month or so but it was Jay Morris who was the star find. An experienced player of both bass and drums, he ensured the continuation and success of the band through the summer period, including featuring on Hedgepig's first dvd recording at Richmond Road street party, July 2005.

In Autumn 2005, Jim decided he'd had enough of a sabbatical and returned refreshed and with renewed enthusiasm. Jay was offered the permanent position of drummer, but declined as a bass position came up elsewhere. Hedgepig were back on top form but still lacking the percussionist, so Steve Matthews stepped up his commitment and rejoined the Hedgepig team as 'much more than a special guest'. His bodhran refuelled the rhythm section while his funky mandolin really enhanced the Hedgepig sound.

Forgetting that the wanted posters were still pinned up around Cambridge, Hedgepig got a call from multi-instrumentalist David Hicks. An experienced folk/ceilidh musician, he was looking for a new band to work with and checked out the Earl Of Derby gig in November 2005. Fitting the criteria perfectly, with the added bonus of violin, whistle, voice,... he joined the band soon after and began gigging in the new year. Moving effortlessly between bodhran, djembe and drum kit, David increased the versatility of Hedgepig regarding both sound and venue, while his fiddle playing inspired exciting new material and performance ideas.

David (The locomotive 25-02-2006)

This line up went from strength to strength, with a string of successful and extremely fun gigs and summer festivals in 2006, and continued right up until 2018.

Hedgepig, The Locomotive, 25-02-2006 (by Andy Matthews)