Female Fronted Indie-Folk-Rock band with 3/4 size classical guitar "sprightly and pleasing blend of contemporary singer-songwriter and folk stylings." Rock-n-Reel, 2013
F.e.m.a.l.e. .F.r.o.n.t.e.d. .I.n.d.i.e. .F.o.l.k. .R.o.c.k. .w.i.t.h. .3/4. .s.i.z.e. .c.l.a.s.s.i.c.a.l. .g.u.i.t.a.r.
"Sonically superb" BunkFest Main Stage, 2016
"Confident and punchy acoustic rock presence." Rock-n-Reel, 2016.












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Rosie Eade & Davey Malone: Solo-Duo

"A wonderful counterpoint to Rosie, they combine their performances to great effect." Bradninch Folk Club, 2012.

"A huge favourite of ours, Rosie mixes powerful trad covers with her own evocative songs; she's punchy, lively and touching ... playing tracks from her brilliant new album, No Fairytale", Burnham-On-Sea Folk Festival, 2011.

"Blending powerful political folk numbers with comic ditties, Davey seizes the crowd's attention with charisma and talent both, and delivers entertainment in spades." Burnham-on-sea Folk Festival, 2011.

Davey Malone: With his unique combination of Raw Trash Folk, Acoustic Punk, and Comedy, Davey Malone is fast becoming an underground legend. Blending originals and quirky re-worked covers, he can tailor his vocal style to suit, be it a raucous tongue in cheek Punk number, a heart rending melancholic ballad, or a ridiculous comedy song, the audience just go with him on his Roller-coaster ride of styles and emotions. www.myspace.com/dirtydavey

Rosie Eade: Primarily a solo musician and songwriter playing around the folk/rock/acoustic genre, she plays lively and evocative life inspired songs of her own, interspersed with carefully chosen traditional songs, all arranged around her love of folk, rock and thrashing her old nylon strung guitar. www.rosieeade.co.uk

Rosie Eade & Davey Malone by Richard Reader
Davey Malone and Rosie Eade at the Man Of Kent, Rochester, Feb. 2012. Photo by Richard Reader.

Solo/Duo Gigs - These two combine their talents and experience, which includes a wealth of UK festivals, moving effortlessly between the roles of solo musician and accompanist, they create a night of vibrant and enjoyable music.

To see more on Rosie's musical projects go to FRIENDS.

Rosie Eade & Davey Malone
Davey Malone and Rosie Eade at the Burnham-On-Sea Folk Festival, Sept. 2011.

Live at The Bradninch Folk Club, Devon, with Rosie Eade on whistle, 20th March 2012.
Song by Davey. Video by Elaine.

DAVEY MALONE - Johnny No Legs
Live at The Bradninch Folk Club, Devon, with Rosie Eade on whistle, 20th March 2012.
Song trad., additional verse by Davey, end tune by Rosie. Video by Elaine.

Rosie Eade & Davey Malone
Rosie Eade with guest Davey Malone at the Village Pump Folk Club, Trowbridge, Mar. 2012.

ROSIE EADE - Shadows cannot wake
Live at The Village Pump Folk Club, Trowbridge, with Davey Malone on banjo, 2nd March 2012. Song by Rosie. Video by Heather.

Rosie Eade with guests Davey Malone and Red at the Bradninch Folk Club, 14th June 2011. Song by Rosie. Video by Skeg.