Female Fronted Indie-Folk-Rock band with 3/4 size classical guitar "sprightly and pleasing blend of contemporary singer-songwriter and folk stylings." Rock-n-Reel, 2013












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Abel and Eade:
Global PowerFolk Duo

with country/americana influences

Abel and Eade
In spite of themselves, singer-songwriters Rosie Eade (UK) and Randy Abel (US) build a spirit bridge between their contentious homelands... via China, the Middle Kingdom! Separated by a common language and ravaged by endless television comedy-writing conflicts, America and Britain yet managed to spawn the roots-influenced sounds which gnarled and entwined--rose upon rose and briar upon briar- into the twisted acoustic cluster that would electrify the 20th Century. Being rooted in the 21st, Randy and Rosie speak to and from these traditions with utmost passion and a goodly measure of jaded precision. Craftsperson-like, innit?
Abel and Eade

Randy Abel, Randy Abel - Beijing-based Americana singer-songwriter affronting such originals-oriented outfits as The Randy Abel Stable; The Flying Shaobing Brothers; Francophile Joint; Honky Tonk Demons; KRAW [Keep Randy Abel Weird]; Betwixt the Twain; Brothers Moving; Hawk Heik Hick; Randy Abel and the Peopleís Pupils; PlausAbel DeniaBilly and Light Crusted Díoh Bros. His lyrical memoir, Godís Too Drunk or Heavenís A Chinese Honky Tonk, is currently being shopped around the bio-pulp circuit by crack literary agents of shady repute.
Rosie Eade "Folk-Pixie" 小玫瑰 ("little rose"), Female Fronted Folk-Rock with 3/4 size classical guitar. "One of the loveliest new voices on the folk and acoustic music scene" she leads the band in both lively and evocative songs; life inspired stories written over a number of years gigging solo around Britain, interspersed with carefully chosen traditional gems, all arranged around her love of folk, rock and thrashing her old nylon-strung guitar. Likened to the voices of Kate Bush, Maddy Prior and Grace Slick, yet inspired by The Who as much as Steeleye Span, she is equally accomplished within the acoustic-folk and old school rock genres - a "Confident and punchy acoustic rock presence," (Rock-n-Reel, 2016).
For China friendly links see www.rosieeade.co.uk/china.
For more background and info on their China collaboration see folkpixie.wordpress.com/2017/01/16/beijing-on-tour-2017.
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Live performance photos:
Abel and Eade at DDC, Beijing, 2017
Abel and Eade at Dusk Dawn Club, Beijing, 2017.
Abel and Eade at 69 Cafe, Beijing, 2017
Abel and Eade at 69 Cafe, Beijing, 2017.
Abel and Eade at Caravan, Beijing, 2017
Abel and Eade at Caravan, Beijing, 2017, where the duo were founded in Dec 2016.

Demo audio on soundcloud:
Free Download:
Tecumseh Valley (right click and save as)
Tecumseh Valley - Abel and Eade Living Room Sessions, Beijing, 2017 (by Townes Van Zandt).

Second Bar to the Right by Randy Abel (soundcloud.com)

Demo videos: (on youtube + links to youku below)

Tecumseh Valley - Living Room Sessions, Beijing, 2017.
by Townes Van Zandt (YouTube).

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Live videos: (on youtube)

Shadows Cannot Wake - 69 Cafe, Beijing, 2017.
by Rosie Eade (YouTube).

Second Bar to the Right (by Randy Abel), 69 Cafe, Beijing 2017.

The Storms on the Ocean (by the Carter Family), Caravan, Beijing 2017.

The Fire (by Rosie Eade), Caravan, Beijing 2017.
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